Pretty pictures that have nothing to do with COVID-19.

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I feel like my brain has completely shut off. I thought working from home would be fun. And it would be, if I weren’t trying to home school a seven year old at the same time. No one I know is sick, and my job, house, and grocery supply are all fairly secure, so I really do feel I have nothing to complain about. Which makes it all the worse, because I love complaining.

Sinners being tortured in hell.

So I’m looking at pretty pictures tonight. I had been taking a satire class, but the next few books in the reading list are all very dark (Nathanael West, George Orwell, blech) and, just, no, none of that.

Adulterers being paraded naked through the streets.

Hee hee hee, what are those ropes tied to?

May I recommend this very nice coffee table book? It’s got a great mix of pictures thrown in, and makes for an entertaining read, with very little discussion of historical plagues.

The Plantagenet Chronicles, edited by Elizabeth Hallam

To all five people who read this blog, stay safe and sane out there.

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